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Scholarship Program 

The Believe In Books Literacy Foundation (BIBLF) is seeking to reward volunteers for their dedicated community service, and their assistance in helping the Literacy Foundation to continue its goal of improving literacy throughout New Hampshire and Western Maine.


These scholarships aim to recognize individuals furthering their education who have volunteered their time in making programs of the Believe In Books Literacy Foundation successful, and who have truly captured the giving spirit. The BIBLF Scholarships are open to all individuals who have volunteered in any of our programs. Our volunteer opportunities include the Journey to the North Pole, Sunset Concert Series, Theater in the Wood, and our 100-Acre Wood Sugar Shack Educational Center. These scholarships are intended to aid in the upcoming academic year and are used as reimbursements in the purchase of educational tools such as books, supplies, and educational software.


The Believe In Books Literacy Foundation has a broadening mission to enhance the quality of life through exposure, education, and the engagement of reading and bringing stories to life.


Eligibility & Guidelines


Individuals interested in applying for the BIBLF Scholarship must:


  • Have volunteered for BIBLF programs and events for a combined total of at least 50 hours, 25 of which must have been in 2023/24 calendar year.

  • All applicants must complete the application process as outlined below and submit it by May 20, 2024.  Please mail your completed application to: Believe In Books Literacy Foundation,  c/o Amanda Hayford, PO Box 1800, Intervale, NH 03845.

  • A Completed BIBLF Scholarship Application.

  • A personal reference from someone who is associated with the Believe In Books events and programs. This person must be familiar with your efforts of behalf of the event.  We suggest A.O. Lucy, Amanda Hayford, Whitney Lockhart, Lindsey Anderson, Domonique Cinque or any other supervisory individual.  Please contact them first to let them know you will be listing their name as a personal reference.

  • A separate letter of recommendation which must come from someone who knows you well, such as a teacher or employer (not a family member).

  • An essay about your favorite experience volunteering for the Literacy Foundation; typed, double spaced, and no more than 500 words.

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